Monday, 12 December 2016

Home Styling solutions that make it simple.


These  ladder shelves are a stylish way to get the storage and display areas you need. They don't dominate the room like traditional shelving and you can style them to look minimalist and sleek, kitschy and quirky or rustic and traditional depending upon your accessories.  If you have small items to store select some storage boxes , there are so many options you're sure to find some that you love. 
Find ladder shelves here.  Find the shelves pictures here.


The key to creating a work space at home is to stick to a few simple rules.
1. Make sure it's somewhere you want to sit. Choose somewhere with a view or good light.
2. Select pieces that complement your decor. Your workspace needs to enhance your home.
3. Keep it simple and use furniture that can be shifted or will go with lots of different accessories.
4. Add some little luxuries in the accessories. A copper desk lamp or a beautiful vase.



These days devices, cables and powerboard seem to take over your living space. Whether you like to charge your devices on your dresser or in your office, here is a great solution. Cables and plugs can be messy and dangerous so this is the perfect solution that actually adds some style. These All Docks come in a range of finishes and wood types so you can select the style that suits your decor. Now recharging your devices is a stylish  affair not. A messy cable nightmare.

 Find a selection of the   All Docks here.


Creating a certain type of atmosphere in your home often comes down to accessories. A simple and cost effective way to create a home where you can easily change the mood is to start with a simple neutral  palette for your main pieces of furniture. Then use accessories to dramatic effect by selecting a feature piece of wall art.

The above is an example of how to capture that vintage style. Below you'll see you can create a tropical oasis by adding this dramatic and bold leaf print. The black background will help balance out any darker elements in your home against the white walls. This tropical print with the bold black is very on trend, so you can simply update your decor by switching your art, to create a totally new look.
(Find more wall art here)


Water colours in abstract designs are huge at the moment. The below piece is a beautiful simple and stunning example. This would be a great statement piece above a bed, providing a dreamy quality to the room without having to lean towards the often used pastel tones in abstract watercolour art. 
(Find more wall art here)

The below watercolour tropical print has a calming impact and sets the mood for the rest of the styling. The room has a slightly traditional colonial getaway feel. Creating a holiday destination right in your bedroom. 
(Find more wall art ideas here)


You might want a piece to reflect on in your living room or bedroom,  the monochromatic tones in the scene below mean it would not overpower any colour choices in your room. Alternatively you could add the piece to a pure white room with tiny accents of black, white and grey for a truly dreamy look. 
(Find more wall art ideas here).



Find this look here

Often people feel compelled to have their home decor on trend, yet some of the most beautiful homes I've seen are a mix of styles that reflect the owners personality. A mix of old and new to give it a unique feel. A combination of styles that are in tune with the home owners nature. 

Try mixing some of these up to create your own style.
If you like a little glamour with a hint of old Hollywood you'll love  this style. Find items in this style here

If you like an eclectic tribal look you might like this style with the dark tones and textures.

If you like the Scandinavian minimalist look you love this! It's very on trend and goes surprisingly well with a mix of decor styles. 

If you like to keep it neutral  these items will appeal to your aesthetic. They are a great base and will allow you to swap and add accents depending on the season or your mood. 

This is a perfect example of a neutral palette overlayed with blue tones. You might like the neutral look but need a pop of colour (like me) so you can mix it up by adding some art and cushions and accessories in your chosen colour palette.

Earthy tones of wood, leather, plants and metal never go out of fashion. You can any of these accents to another style such as the Scandinavian look above to create your own mixed decor style. 

A simple uncluttered contemporary look with a statement rug is a great way to add personality. You can collect a few rugs and swap them when the mood takes you.

Styling your home to maximum effect is more about making decisions well.  Rotating pieces you love and creating a mood in each room through feature items that you have chosen because they make you happy. That is truly the key. Mix it up a little bit and choose your base pieces wisely. Visit our stockist to find lots more beautiful ideas. 


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