Sunday, 27 November 2016

Creating the Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn look


Anyone who has watched the Gilmore Girls will tell you the Dragonfly Inn is the quintessential Connecticut Getaway. Cosy, traditional, a little bit quirky. We've all stayed at a place like this at least once. Where the urge to do a jigsaw puzzle whilst sipping a brandy overcomes you.

Luckily my family are all very fond of this style so I've been surrounded by this deep rooted traditional style most of my life. Collecting odd and old pieces of furniture, glassware, crockery is a bit of an addiction for me.... but how do you create this look in a new home, or if you are starting from scratch. Well I've got everything to get you started right here. You can also read our other articles which have lots more ideas on creating that Gilmore Girls Dragonfly Inn look or other cosy home looks.

These are some basics that will instantly create the mood, follow the links and you'll also find the stockists have a huge range of similar items if these aren't quite your taste.
Large Magazine Rack   by La Verde $149.00. Find this rack and more HERE.

Taupe Hampton Wing Chair   by Black Mango $799.00. Find this winged chair and more here. 

Eternity Coffee Table   $1499.00.  Find this coffee table and more here.

Horse and Plaid Tapestry Cushion $89.00.  Find this cushion and more here.

D├ęcor Jar in Light Wood   by Constance & Co. $129.00 Find this and more here. 

Tall Wall Sconce   by Decor Classics $89.00.  Find this sconce here and more

Memphis Floor Lamp $429.00.  Find this Tiffany floor lamp and more here.

Filigree Candle Holder in Antique Rust $54.95.  Find this and more here.


Abbey Mirror I   by Gallery Direct $299.00.  Find this and more here.

Sometimes it's the little things that create a look. Try these to create this whimsical dining room look.



Royal Doulton Hemingway Jug Large   by Royal Doulton $54.95. Find this and more here.


Bamboo Wing Back Chair $1,120.40 in cream.   Find these and more here. 


Fine Art Lighting Tiffany Table Lamp, 16 by 23-Inch, 232 Glass Cuts $191.51.  Find this and more here.


Appletree Design Barn Yard Rooster Salt and Pepper Set, 2-1/2-Inch, 2-Inch $8.55. Find these and more here.

Add a bright statement cushion.  Find a huge range here.


Cutlery Set Carnaval   by Laguiole by Louis Thiers $149.00.  Find these and more here.


Robin Ginger Jar   by Elegant Designs $54.95.  Find this and more here. 

Lighting, crockery, accents and just the right  what creates the mood. These are some of my personal favourites. 


Bamboo Wing Back Chair $1,120.40.  Find these and more here.

Dragonfly Banker Table Lamp   by Bingli Lighting $169.00. Find these and more here.

Wedgwood Renaissance Gold 5 Piece Set $229.00.  Find this set and more here. 

Spode Blue Room Georgian Plates, Set of 6 Assorted Motifs $60.80.  Find these and more here.


Rooster Glass Figurine in Pink and White $34.95.  Find this and more here.


2 Light Pendant   by G & G Brothers $339.00. Find this and more here.


Small St Germaine Canister with Label Holder   by Davis & Waddell $12.95.  Find this and more here.

Squat Vase in Aqua Fading   by Casa Uno $44.95.  Find this and more here. 

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kitschy Kitchen - Gilmore Girls Style

So you wish you lived in Stars Hollow. You want the Gilmore Girls look? Here's how! 

There is something comforting about the kitchen in Gilmore Girls. The eclectic, kitschy mix of objects creates a true feeling of home. 

You can create this look simply by adding these gorgeous pieces to your kitchen. 

Mixed Teatowel Set (Set of 3)  $25.00. Want more details? Find it here

Antibes Display Cabinet   by Alexander Santorini Imports $1349.00. Want more details? Find it here.

IVV Speedy Highball (Set of 6)   by Noritake $99.00. Want more details? Find it here.

Wedgwood Butterfly Blm Cup & Scr Ye   by Wedgwood $79.00. Want more details?   Find it here.

Royal Doulton Maze Denim 16 Pce Set   by Royal Doulton $114.00.  Want more details? Find it here.

Langton Wire Triple Storage Rack   by Gallery Direct $149.00. Want more details? Find it here.

Bistro 3 Tier Plate Stand   by Davis & Waddell $49.95. Find it here.

4 Person Navy Picnic Basket Set & Cooler Bag Lining   by i.Life $119.00 Want more info? Find it here

Finding just the right pieces to create this look is not always easy, especially in a new home. So we have done the work for you. 

Inocuivre Copper Small Sauce Pan with Lid   by De Buyer $189.00. Want more details? Find it here.

Hand Crafted Copper Hamam Bowl   by Inartisan $39.95. Want more details?  Find it here.

Basket with Handle   by Casa Uno $44.95. Want more details?  Find it here.

Multicolour Chateau Laguiole Steak Knife Block | 7Pce $25.00. Want more details?  Find it here.

Royal Doulton 1815 Mini Server Set4   by Royal Doulton $64.95. Want more details?  Find it here.

Retro Frosted Glass Vase   by Casa Uno $79.00. Want more details?  Find it here.

Retro scale with clock. $119.00. Want more details? Find it here.

Dakota London Bus Storage Jar $19.00. Want more details?  Find it here.

Curve Biscuit Jar in Red $22.95. Want more details?  Find it here.

Rose Teapot Leadlight Table Lamp  $149.00. Want more details? Find it here.

Madame Butterfly Flamingo Rose Apron  $26.95. Want more details?  Find it here.

Wedgwood Cuckoo Sandwich Tray   by Wedgwood $99.00. Want more details?  Find it here.

Sofia Sideboard   by Estudio Furniture $399.00. Want more details?  Find it here.

Wedgwood Sarah'S Grdn Entree Plt Gr   by Wedgwood $26.95. Want more details?  Find it here.

Orchid Cup with Lid   by TYT $44.95. Want more details? Find it here.