Monday, 8 August 2016

Spring 2016 Fashion Trends for Australia

If like me you're counting down the days to Spring so we can enjoy the warmth in the air and the glorious sunshine surrounded by natures blooms.  It also mean for most Melbournians ( we wear a lot of black) in particular looking at our wardrobes and deciding how to update it to create a fresh Spring feel.

Here's 7 of my favourite trends you can easily adopt this Spring to give you the quintessential Spring 16 look without having to throw out your current wardrobe.

1. The White Shirt

The great thing about a classic white shirt is that you can choose a cut, fit and fabric that suits your personal style while looking on trend. Tips to remember, to get the 2016 Spring look, try shirts with lace inlays, wrap fronts, cutouts in the shoulders and sheer fabrics. 

2. The wrap skirt

The wrap skirt would have to be my favourite Spring 2016 trend. Wrap skirts flatter many different shapes and it's a matter of choosing a length that suits you. You may have never considered it before but even wrap skirts can give a shape like a A line skirt, a pencil skirt or a mini. So try a wrap skirt that has a shape that you already know suits you. The best thing is these skirts look fabulous with the above mentioned white shirts. For me this is the absolute 2016 Spring Look MUST HAVE!

3. A bit of Boho

My wardrobe is never complete without a bit of Boho. How can you get the Spring 16 Boho look? Try maxi dresses with lace inlays and gathering. Maybe a little ruffle or two. Don't forget feathers and beads in your jewellery or motifs and you have an instant Boho edge to you look. Keep it subtle and whimsical not like a hippy, more like a Goddess! 

4. Tropic Floral and Foliage

You might have thought we saw the end of this trend in Summer 2015, however in Spring and Summer 16 this trend takes on a lot more colour. Popping bright colours of nature will put you instantly in a good mood. The great part is you can simply add a skirt, top or even bag to update your current wardrobe to incorporate this look. 

5. Lovely lace

Spring evokes a truely feminine image in my mind. What's more feminine than lace. Lace from top to toe is a beautiful Spring 16 trend that will be an investment piece. If you choose well you will be wearing your lace in different ways for years to come. So don't be afraid to splurge. If you your budget doesn't have a splurge bank account you will find lots of lace options in stores like Boohoo, Oasap, Kmart, Target, Tempt and many more brands that have affordable pieces. 

6. Shoulder cut outs

I love this look because I have small shoulders, even  when I'm religiously doing my weights.  Any extra emphasis on my shoulders through my selection of clothes balances out my body shape. Like most women I have quite solid hips, so the peek a boo shoulder tops create a broadening of the shoulders and a little sexy skin showing doesn't hurt either. It's also great for women who are self conscience of their arms but want a more Spring 16 look with a bit if skin showing. Keep to the top shapes that suit you for example wrap tops, racer back style, of flowy maxi dresses. A sneaky option is to survey your wardrobe for dresses and tops you simply are bored of. Maybe they could be converted by cutting the shoulders out. Some fabrics can be cut without requiring stitching, however if they do take it to your local alteration shop and ask them to do it, or do what I do and break out the sewing machine and get sewing! 

7. Feminine florals

Florals are always a signature look for Spring, however this Spring we'll be looking for truly breathtaking fairytale florals. Remember those incredibly feminine peony and rose fabrics Grandma had? Now let's bring them into crisp focus with a fresh 2016 look. Look for prints, appliqué and lace tops, dresses and skirts, just add one or two pieces to your wardrobe and you'll feel like a princess! You can also hit the second hand store. Focus on looking for fabrics and consider how it could be repurposed into a fresh Spring 16 look. Maybe into a purse, a scarf or a belt. Have fun with this look, I know I will.

Don't forget, fashion trends are about enjoying fashion not being a slave to it!! 

Happy Spring 2016, 

Priscilla x