Thursday, 22 June 2017

4 Easy Ways to Create a Modern Cosy Winter Home

Whether your home style is light and modern or dark earthy and eclectic creating somewhere cosy for winter snuggles in bed, reading a good book, catching up with family and friends or watching a  movie in Winter, your home need to take on a more comforting appeal to ward off this winter blues.

Here's some of the best looks I've found and where you can get them.

Cool blue with earthy tones and a warm cream slightly textured couch can create a contemporary and cosy look that's very family friendly.

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A mixture of creams and wood tones and thick textured fabric can add a surprisingly warm atmosphere to an otherwise very cool palette. If whites are your thing, this is how to do them in winter to keep the chill out! 

Create a modern yet ecclectic look by adding some ethnic prints and patterns to an otherwise contemporary look. It will add a feeling of warmth.

Coastal accents don't usual conjure up a cosy home look. However the right combination can do the trick. Add a few deep blue accents and scatter a collection of natural woods and fibres. The mixtur if textures will add a warm casual feel. 

Transitioning from the warmer seasons to the cooler ones can be as simple a adding cushions, throws, lighting and even swapping out your coffee table or side tables for winter. It will help you enjoy the cooler months. 

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Wall hanging

Creating wall art from holiday found objects is one of my all time favourite artistic outlets. I collectedthese on beach holidays with my son and walks in our locals parks. The glass balls with faux succulents are very affordable now so you can pick up two for about $12.

So with school holidays nearly upon us it's the perfect time to start collecting. On your holiday outings you and the kids should look for driftwood, feathers or any other interesting objects from nature.