Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Add some Cosy Touches to your Minimalist Industrial Look

Let’s face it the minimalist, industrial, urban, Scandinavian decorating style has been done to death....but let’s face it people still love it...I don’t know about you but I’m far more fond of a space that feels cosy and inviting....but before you go and rethink your minimalist look and throw out all your white steel stools let’s have a look at how to capture 
the ultimate blend of cool urban styling with beautiful bohemian warmth. 


The Kitchen Dining Area 

As always the kitchen is the Heart of the home, so adding some warmth where we create memories is vital.
The Dining Table 

This Mango Wood Dining Table adds some weight to an otherwise very white kitchen dining area adding an earth element and grounding the room. Imagine a less solid table, would  that cosy feeling still emanate from this room, I think not. Too much white can feel cold and too many hard surfaces don’t absorb sound so mix it up a bit to rid a space of a stark feeling. 

Dining Area Lighting 

Lighting makes a huge impact but especially don’t underestimate the impact of an oversized or quirky statement pendant light that does not conform to the minimalist decor, this simple trick can completely change the feel of the room.


 Dining Chairs 

Don’t play it safe with dining chairs...why? Let’s face it, chair styles can truly define an era. Haven’t you noticed everybody seems to have the same 5 or 6 styles. So pick something totally unique that fits with your style and personality but make sure it does not add to a starkness in the dining area. 

Accents with a story

If you have created the quintessential urban, minimalist pad, you might have noticed a resulting atmosphere of a doctors waiting room. The multiple hard flat surfaces combined with minimal colour and texture can create a rather hard and cold environment. So an absolute must is to create some nooks and vignettes that break the newness. This can be achieved stunningly  with contemporary textures, colour and decor but to create a focal point, but to add a sense of history, yesteryear or renascence  creates a level of coziness often difficult to achieve with more modern decor choices.

The addition of recycled and worn looking materials like the below oversized mirror frame, the well loved looking occasional chair and the large urns add both warmth and character. You can also try a theme like a few nautical accents or Middle Eastern style hurricane lamps. Be bold with your choices, as the contrast of the minimalist space with these accents  has far more impact when its oversized or on a rather grand scale.

Some oversized planters, lanterns and candelabra that evoke a slightly archeological reference look stunning in a simple setting. Try some of these ideas. 

Add some drama

A careful selection of dramatic art and accents goes a long way in a minimalist space. 
In a simple white space a piece of art can be truly showcased so choose well.

Alternatively choose a mix of vintage, botanical and life nude line drawing, these look stunning in a simple clean space.


Creating a cosy feel in a minimalist space is achievable with these simple ideas. Try them and tell me how you went. We’d love to see your pictures