Monday, 4 April 2016

Defining your favourite decorating style -Part 2

In our last article we looked at one of my favourite Interior Designers styles Joanne Gaines from Magnolia Homes, Magnolia Market and the to show on Channel 94  Fixer Upper, on at 6:30 Sunday Nights.

We have already looked at:  
1. Ceilings- exposed beams,  timber panelling and feature lighting
2.  Floor covering - fixed and rugs 

So now we'll look at another two elements of her style that will help you recreate this look in your own home.

3.  Dramatic furniture pieces

Exposed open shelving. Thus us a signature look for Joanna and she executes it perfectly. What she also dies is make it look functional. Let's face it, this is something any of us could do if we just got organised.

Kids bedroom furniture does not have to be bland. This us a great way to keep that raw almost industrial look while retaining a fun feeling.

Matchy matchy furniture can feel like a display home. However adding a few strong accent pieces like this lamp table adds an element yet lived in look. 

I love a good kitchen island bench. However sometimes they can look sterile and without character. I use a large timber butchers block on my kitchen. This gorgeous island pictured works perfectly against the white shaker cabinets, without the kitchen looking too dark and woodsy! 

We spend a lot of time at the coffee table so why not have one with character that can take a bit of a beating by the family. Again the cintrast of the wood against the light colour of the  shaker cabinets keeps the look from becoming too heavy. This is the key to intriguing heavy pieces. It's critical to mix them. 

Built ins have had a resurgence in popularity and the return to functional homey cupboards and desks is a welcome comeback in my books. We all need a place to sit and work. I love the addition of wire baskets and tin pails.  I have a lot of these in my home, you'd be amazed what you can hide in them! 

In my next article I'm going to show you some if the great Quirky accents  and furniture Joanna uses in her design.

Still to come:
4.  Kitschy accent furniture
5.  Functional accessories
6.  Decorative accessories
7.  Doors - don't under estimate the impact of doors on your style
8.  Architectural Accents

Priscilla X