Monday, 16 May 2016

Winter Trends 2016

Following the seasonal fashion trends shouldn't be a slavish, tiresome endeavour. Instead look at it as an opportunity to reflect on the beauty that surrounds us. Fashion, style and design should inspire our creativity. It should encourage us to lift our design game. These trends are the backdrop to our life. Don't ever underestimate the power of the ever changing trends. They pin point times in history. They punctuate our memories. Enjoy them, have fun with them, draw upon them when creating and revile in their beauty.

Trend spotting is about identifying patterns, prints, texture, structure, form, exploring the feminine and masculine design elements and reflecting on how they can fit with your style, your aesthetic, your wardrobe, home and environment.

In business,  an awareness of asthetic trends is critical to ensure your brand stays current, your marketing is on point and how you communicate your brands message is done in a stylish current manner.

Some of the Winter trends for 2016 that we can have fun with include:


This Winter season is a real treat, the days of heavy Melbourne-style black on black winter dressing are long gone. This winter we'll be sporting transperent almost sheer fabrics and motives reminiscent of skeletal forms. 
Plan your wardrobe to include soft layering and glimpses of sheer structure. 

Serene marbel stone and cloud like forms add an air of whimsy to our winter wardrobe and homewares this winter. Taking the hard cold edge off the cooler months and reminding us to look upwards and appreciate the soft blue sky and flossy floating clouds and the icy snow covered peaks.


I love this trend, burnt edges are a truly original and powerful trend this winter. There is a multitude of ways you can incorporate this trend into your design aesthetic, wardrobe and branding styling....just don't get burnt! 


1980's flashbacks aside this floral on black trend has an edgy, Wedding Singer, big hair feminine feel. It's a great dramatic pattern that adds a little glamour to any winter outfit and adds an old world romantic feel to any look. This style is very on trend for branding and is an eye catching design for marketing women's products. 


Again those of us that we're teens in the 80's will have a bit of a nostalgic response to this Goth Trend. However the modern trend has an asthetic reminiscent of the horror movie The Ring crossed with American Horror Stories The Covern. Whether you're into the Goth look or not, you can incorporate the mystery and moody aspects of this look easily into your wardrobe. 


Vintage prints are kitchy and fun and this is a great way to add colour depth to your wardrobe without ending up with a heavy dark winter look. Vintage and retro looks are huge in business branding presently so you can't go wrong with this trend in your work life. 


Admittedly I'm a Coraloholic, after having my colour analysis complete by stylist Amalia Simpson, Coral is in my Spring colour palette so if you're a Spring like me this colour will make your skin glow! Use it in accessories and you'll keep a little bit of Spring in the air, all the way through Winter! 

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